Two men Arrested For Sale/Delivery of Illegal Drugs in Stanton

On Tuesday afternoon the Stanton County Sheriff’s office arrested Richard Brachle, 24, of Randolph and Dalton Kolar, 23, of Laurel on charges of Possession with Intent to Deliver, Delivery of a Controlled Substance and Child Abuse. The two were arrested following an investigation and controlled buys in Stanton on three separate occasions. One of these sales involved the presence of a five year old boy who was brought to a Stanton residence by the suspects during the sale and delivery earlier this spring. Illegal drug contraband and marked currency was recovered during the investigation and seized as evidence. Both suspects were booked at the Sheriff’s office on the felony charges and are scheduled to appear in court in August. The Sheriff’s office makes every effort to enforce the drug statutes and discourage illegal drug use in and around Stanton County.