Mike Unger

Sheriff Michael S. Unger +
Serving since 1987
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DEPUTY ROSTER AS OF AUGUST 15, 2022 + EMT Trained/Certified

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Stanton County Sheriff Employment Application


I wish it to be known as a retired Stanton County Sheriff and lifelong Stanton County resident that I fully endorse Sheriff Mike Unger in his efforts and the great job he has done as Stanton County Sheriff since succeeding me in 1993. Mike has grown into the job and shown he is a strong and knowledgeable law enforcement officer and leader in this community.

Mike has made it his life to serve this county often making difficult and unpopular decisions that have led to all of us being safer and well protected. I know that Mike is someone that we can always count on no matter the hour or situation and he usually is the first one to show up when someone is in need. He has always treated everyone fairly with the goal of treating everyone, no matter who the same.

I won’t always be here to let people know how much I support Sheriff Unger and his office. I therefore proudly authorize this endorsement to be used now and anytime in the future after this date. We are lucky to have someone as dedicated as Mike serving all of us.

Norman S. Lehman
Stanton County Sheriff-Retired

Dated this 22nd Day of January, 2015

Sheriff Lehman sadly passed away in October of 2017.