The Stanton County Sheriff’s Office has been serving the citizens of Stanton County since 1867 with the first elected Sheriff of Stanton County. Currently the Sheriff’s office serves all the population of Stanton County and covers more than 430 square miles.

The Office of Sheriff comes from old English Common Law and was brought to the colonies by the British and was continued after the War of Independence and defeat of the British. Currently in Nebraska there are 93 elected Sheriff’s, one for each county.

The Stanton County Sheriff’s Office is tasked with county wide law enforcement and provides service to the City of Stanton through a police contract for services. Law Enforcement is also provided to the Village of Pilger and the Woodland Park area that has the largest population base in the county as a Sanitary Improvement District. And of course the Sheriff’s office provides all services to the rural areas of Stanton County.

Stanton County has its share of excitement and activity with its proximity to Norfolk and the fact that six highways cross through the county. The Sheriff’s office is trained and equipped to handle all types of activity from accidents and disturbances to death investigations. The Sheriff’s office is also responsible for Civil Process and handles a large number of civil services through the courts of Nebraska. The Sheriff’s office is also responsible for the housing and transportation of Stanton County prisoners and they are often held in area jails as Stanton County has no jail facilities.

Each sworn member of the Sheriff’s office is equipped with a modern take home patrol unit and up to date equipment. All deputies are fully certified and trained, so that they can handle anything that may come their way. We strive to serve the public to the best of our ability and hope to make everyone’s day as safe as possible.

Mike Unger
Stanton County Sheriff