Welcome to the new Stanton County Sheriff’s website!


The Stanton County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing the best service possible to all residents of Stanton County and any person that may visit our county. The Sheriff’s Office strives to serve and protect every citizen with effective and pro-active law enforcement. Our goal is that everyone may raise their families in a safe and comfortable setting.


Stanton County is located in northeast Nebraska and is comprised of 431 square miles. The city of Stanton is the county seat of Stanton county. The city of Stanton and Pilger, located eight miles east of the city of Stanton, are the only incorporated communities in the county. However, the largest population in the county is located in the unincorporated area known as Woodland Park, which is located just outside of Norfolk in northwestern Stanton County. The proximity to Norfolk increases the daily population to the county and activity encountered by the Sheriff’s Office.


The office of the Sheriff originates from old English Law and was brought to our country by the British in colonial times. Currently in Nebraska there are 93 elected sheriff’s serving each of the counties of the state. The office of the Sheriff is responsible for both criminal law enforcement and civil process. This includes law enforcement in all forms from traffic enforcement and accident investigation to the investigation of serious criminal acts such as sexual assault and homicide. The Sheriff is also responsible for the housing and transportation of county prisoners to and from court and jail facilities. In Nebraska, sheriffs serve four year partisan terms. The current Sheriff, Sheriff Mike Unger, also serves as a County Coroner and investigates every death in Stanton County.

On the civil side as required by state statue, the Sheriff acts as the collector of outstanding taxes and service of all court writs, including civil court filings, court orders or law suits between one or more person(s). Civil process is often time consuming and in some cases involves very emotional issues. The job is a 24 hour 365 days a year job that requires a lot of effort on the behalf of the Sheriff and his deputies to keep the county safe and operating smoothly.