Stolen Cat Recovered by Sheriff’s Office from Colorado (CAT CAPER SOLVED)

Back in May the Stanton County Sheriff’s office was notified of a pet cat missing and found to have been stolen from a Woodland Park neighborhood. A suspect was identified as an area college student who returned to his home in Colorado. The suspect was contacted and denied any knowledge of the cat. Then on the 24th of June, thanks to assistance from the Thornton, Co Police Department and the Routt County Humane Society in Colorado, the feline was located by a micro chip scan in Colorado. When again contacted by the Sheriff’s office the suspect admitted possession of the cat and having removed the cat from Woodland Park when he moved out of a nearby rental house returning to Colorado. He agreed to return the cat and pay all the cost involved in the return and the victim family agreed to not have him charged for doing so. The cat KATOBI was returned early Sunday morning following a ten hour drive back from Colorado to its owners residence and is back living with his very thankful and relieved family in Woodland Park.