More Stanton County Residents Fall Victim to Illegal Scammers

Over the past 45 days several Stanton County Residents have lost thousands of dollars after being scammed into providing financial information or purchasing gift cards and providing card information to scammers. Christmas scammers are using land lines, cell phones, text messaging and social media in efforts to convince citizens they have won prize money or owe money and they need to pay it or face criminal proceedings or arrest. The Sheriff’s office wishes to remind everyone that at no time will legitmate government agencies or businesses contact you or threaten you with arrest by phone or email for civil violations or request payment over the phone. You should never provide banking information nor purchase gift cards as often directed by scammers and provide that information to anyone over the phone or by text. If ever in doubt, give no information out or contact your local law enforcement agency before providing any information to an unknown party. Scammers often seek out the elderly and will use intimidation and threats to convince you to act and tell you not to hang up your phone or tell anyone. This are indications of illegal activity and you should immediately discontinue contact and tell someone that you trust. Getting your money or financial loss back is nearly impossible as most scammers ore not even located in the United States.