Sheriff’s Office Releases 2023 Arrest and Citations Totals

The Stanton County Sheriff’s office made arrest and issued citations a total of 2481 times in 2023 including arrest warrants. This total is the most ever recorded by the Sheriff’s office and the previous high was 2468 in 2021. Also, the Sheriff’s office had the most traffic cases filed in the 7th judicial district that includes Antelope, Cuming, Knox, Madison, Pierce, Stanton and Wayne counties. The Sheriff’s office had the second most criminal cases filed only behind the much larger Madison County (Norfolk) in the 7th district. Based on per capita the Sheriff’s office is one of the most active law enforcement agencies in the entire 93 counties of the state. The Sheriff’s office serves as a county-wide law enforcement with no other law enforcement agencies based in the county.


Madison County: 35,000

Stanton County: 5,800

Wayne County: 9,700

Antelope County: 6,300

Pierce County: 7,300

Knox County: 8,400