Norfolk Man Sentenced to Prison Term in District Court After Probation Revoked

Zachary Price, 37, of Norfolk was sentenced to up to 3 years in prison on Monday morning in Stanton County District Court by Judge James Kube. Price was sentenced to two years in prison on a conviction of Possession of Methamphetamine and one year for Theft by Unlawful Taking. Price was arrested on different occasions back in 2022 by the Stanton County Sheriff’s office and was originally sentenced to probation in both cases. He violated those probation terms, and his probation was terminated, at which time Price began expletive laced profanity at Judge Kube during a court hearing and was given 60 days in jail for Contempt of Court as a result of his behavior. At the end of today’s court appearance after he was sentenced, Price gave the middle finger to the court and Judge Kube stated “I’ll pretend I didn’t see that”. Price will serve both sentences consecutively and consecutive to a Madison County prison sentence for assault on a Police Officer in the jail while he was being held on the Stanton County charges.

Zachary Price

Also sentenced to more than one year in the county jail was Coty Payne, 33, of Stanton. Payne was sentenced to one year in jail for DWI-3rd offense and six months Third Degree Domestic Assault. He also received a $1000.00 fine and both sentences will be served consecutively to each other. Payne was arrested earlier this year by the Sheriff’s office after they responded to a reported disturbance call at a Stanton residence. While out on bond from the above arrest, Payne was arrested a second time for Domestic Assault on the same victim in Stanton.

Coty Payne