Three Arrested After Gunshots Fired in Woodland Park early Saturday Morning.

At about 2:13 a.m. on Saturday morning the Stanton County Sheriff’s office responded to a shots fired call in the residential area just east of the Woodland Park elementary school. Multiple 911 calls reported four to six gunshots and at least one male running from the area. Within six minutes of the initial call, the first arriving deputy observed a male and female walking near the school and he observed clearly the male had a handgun sticking out of his pants pocket. The male and female were detained at gunpoint until additional units arrived. That handgun turned out to be a very real and authentic looking toy/prop pistol. Later the 14-year-old male who was detained was going to be placed in a patrol unit as he was on probation and he then ran off on foot and refused to obey commands to stop after being advised he was under arrest. During this time, it was determined that a third person had also been present and most likely fired the shots that were reported. The 13-year-old female from Norfolk was found to also be on diversion and initially refused to identify the other male involved. The offender that had run from law enforcement was finally located and taken into custody near his Woodland Park residence. Another juvenile male was observed at the residence at that time and refused to cooperate or give his name. The 14-year-old shooter from Norfolk was ultimately identified, and it turned out to be the youth that had refused to cooperate when asked to identify himself. He was again confronted by members of the Sheriff’s office and advised that he was under arrest at which time he physically began to resist efforts to secure him in handcuffs and he had to be physically subdued. The handgun used in the shooting was not located at that time and he refused to talk to authorities. 9mm ammunition was later found concealed in his crotch area during a search. Both juvenile males were referred to probation officers for their probation violations and new charges and the probation office initially declined to detain either male, however they did ultimately authorize the detention of both 14-year-old males at the Madison JDC after prodding from the Sheriff’s office. Both males are on probation for a laundry list of offenses including assault. The juvenile female was cited and released to her mother. As of 8:45 a.m., Saturday morning the handgun was not located and is believed it was discarded by the shooter in an area southwest of the elementary school. The Norfolk Police Division K-9 assisted in a ground search for the firearm and if anyone would locate a 9mm pistol please contact the Sheriff’s office immediately. Sheriff Mike Unger stated, “we are still trying to determine if the gunshots struck any personal property or structures”. “This is an example of our broken system, when criminal violators on probation cannot be automatically detained and placed in a secured facility, sometimes young people have to be held accountable for their criminal actions and locked up!” Stated Sheriff Unger, “especially in cases involving guns, knives, and unlawful or violent acts that are undertaken by people of any age.”