Norfolk Man Arrested on Felony Driving/Alcohol Charge

At about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night the Stanton County Sheriff’s office arrested a Norfolk man on felony DUS charges after a lit cigarette was observed being thrown out of a window on a vehicle travelling on Hwy 24 east of Norfolk. The vehicle was stopped and the female passenger admitted throwing the lit cigarette out of the vehicle. The driver, Brian Thies, 49, of Norfolk was found to be suspended for DWI and was operating the motor vehicle without an interlock device in the vehicle as required and further he had been consuming alcohol which made the violation a felony. Thies was arrested and booked at the Sheriff’s office where he gave a breath sample that was under the legal limit but showed him in violation of the DUS-Interlock statute. He was then jailed pending the setting of a bond. The female passenger was cited for Littering and made aware of the dangers of disposing of lit materials during a published drought.

Brian Thies