Norfolk Man Arrested on Multiple Felony Drug Charges Following a Disturbance in Woodland Park

On Sunday afternoon the Stanton County Sheriff’s office responded to a disturbance call at a Woodland Park residence, of a male acting irrational and appearing to be under the influence of illegal drugs. Upon arriving contact was made with Kyle Kirstine, 41, who was also known to have felony drug arrest warrants. Kirstine was detained after being found to be under the influence of illegal drugs and was then arrested on a Madison County Arrest warrant for Possession of Controlled Substance and also a Stanton County Arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on a felony drug charge and Obstructing a Police Officer. Kirstine was also charged with a new charge of Possession of Controlled Substance after methamphetamine was located at the residence along with marijuana and drug paraphernalia and Kirstine was also was charged with Disturbing the Peace and Prohibited Acts for being under the influence of an illegal drug. Kirstine was out of jail on a posted cash bond and was again jailed on the warrants and new felony charge.

Kyle Kirstine