Aaron Kleensang Promoted to Chief Deputy Sheriff

After nearly six years of having no Chief Deputy Sheriff, the Stanton County Sheriff’s office has one again. Sergeant Aaron Kleensang was promoted to the position this week by Sheriff Unger. Aaron has been with the Sheriff’s office for seven years and has more than 14 years of law enforcement experience. Kleensang previously served as a supervisory sergeant with Dodge County Corrections. “Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge to the position and is one of the most learned law enforcement officers I have ever worked with and will make an excellent Chief Deputy”, Sheriff Unger stated. Kleensang constantly leads the Sheriff’s office in felony arrests and overall drug and alcohol related arrests. Aaron also serves as an elected Trustee of the SID #1 Board (Woodland Park). Kleensang was also named a MADD officer of the year for his DWI enforcement efforts in 2019.

Chief Deputy Aaron Kleensang has his new badge pinned by his wife Megan

Sheriff Unger Congratulates Chief Deputy Kleensang