Norfolk Woman Arrested After Breaking Into House and Threatening Resident With a Knife

At about 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning the Stanton County Sheriff’s office was advised of a disturbance at a Woodland Park residence where a female had broke into the residence through a basement window and was armed with a knife threatening the residents. The female also allegedly threatened to kill the residents and burn the house down. She then fled as a passenger in a vehicle towards Norfolk. Norfolk Police were notified of the incident and observed the vehicle near 11th and Georgia and stopped the vehicle detaining the female suspect for the Sheriff’s office. Safaa Mohammed , 22, was then taken into custody by the Sheriff’s office and placed under arrest for Burglary, Terroristic Threats, and Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony. A knife was recovered during the investigation. Mohammed was jailed pending the setting of a bond by the court.