Sheriff’s Office Receives Generous Cash Donation(s) For Equipment/Training

On Tuesday the Stanton County Sheriff’s office received a check for $6,000.00 from the Stanton United Methodist Church that recently closed their doors after more than 100 years of service to the Stanton Community. The church leaders agreed to share their assets from the sale of church property with different organizations. Trustee Scott Henrickson came up with the idea to assist the Sheriff’s office with funds for equipment and training and it was unanimously agreed to by the church trustees. New mobile radar equipment has already been purchased with the funds and money left will be put towards training along with more than $1100.00 that was given to the Sheriff’s office earlier this year as a memorial gift by the family of Debbie Timperley who died unexpectedly in January in Stanton. Sheriff Mike Unger stated “We are very grateful to the Methodist Church members and Dr. Dennis Timperley and his family for their generous support of our office and helping update our limited equipment, we are very fortunate to have such thoughtful people in our community.”

Sergeant Aaron Kleensang and Sheriff Unger Receive the $6000.00 Donation from Methodist Church Trustees