Three Arrested in Connection to Theft of Vehicle in Woodland Park

On Tuesday the Stanton County Sheriff’s office was notified of a vehicle being stolen from a street in Woodland Park after it was left unattended. An investigation into the missing vehicle revealed that the vehicle had been driven around the Norfolk area before being sold to a scrap yard in the area. Zachary Price, 36, Norfolk was arrested on charges of felony Theft and was jailed pending the setting of bond. He was out of jail awaiting trial on felony drug charges in Stanton County from an arrest last month. Two others were booked at the Sheriff’s office for their alleged involvement in the Theft. Justin Coolidge, 26, Norfolk was charged with Aiding and Abetting Theft, Criminal Mischief for damage to the vehicle and Driving During Suspension. Allyssa Gragg, 21, Norfolk was charged with Aiding and Abetting Theft and Driving During Suspension. A bill of sale was falsified to complete the sale of the vehicle that had a title left in the vehicle. The stolen vehicle was recovered before it was crushed and destroyed.