Scammers are at it again as always-Don’t fall Victim

The Stanton County Sheriff’s office again wishes to encourage all residents to not fall for scams involving bogus stories of grandchildren in jail or owing money to the IRS or in trouble with INS. Just this morning a grandmother nearly sent thousands of dollars in cash for a bond for a granddaughter that she was told was in jail. These stories are false and used to intimidate people into paying out cash or buying gift cards. Often names of loved ones are given and this information can easily be obtained off the internet or social media. This is one of numerous recent calls we have received from vulnerable adults being contacted by bogus characters pretending to be government officials. No legitimate agency will contact you directly by phone or email for bond money or to pay debts to government agencies. These calls often occur off coast or out of the country by spoofing phone numbers to look more legitimate. If you receive one of these calls hang up and contact your local law enforcement without giving any information. The Sheriff’s office is currently working with the FBI on a case from earlier this month where a Stanton County resident paid more than a $140,000.00 out to a bogus man in a financial scam. “Don’t do it no matter how good it sounds or real the threats seem”, instead contact the Sheriff’s office immediately.