City of Stanton Law Enforcement Contract Renewed with Sheriff’s Office

The law enforcement contract for Police Services has been renewed between the City of Stanton and Stanton County until 2027 for a cost of approximately $110, 000.00 per year that includes all City of Stanton 911 and dispatching service. The contract with the Stanton County Sheriff’s office has been in effect since the disbanding of the Stanton Police Department in 1995. The Sheriff’s office provides full service law enforcement to the city with 24 hour coverage 365 days a year. Numerous other Second Class Cities and Villages in the state also contract their police services with local Sheriff’s offices. Several cities of similar size to Stanton located in northeast Nebraska also contract and pay considerably more in yearly cost and some only guarantee limited hours of coverage. The contract is a cost saving benefit to all the citizens of Stanton County and especially those that reside in Stanton.