Don’t Be The Victim of “SCAMS” Local Couple is Out $100,000.00

A Woodland Park couple is forced to deal with the realization that they have been fooled into giving $100,000.00 in cash/gold to internet scammers. The couple recently reported to the Sheriff’s office their loss from earlier this year after they finally told family members and realized their money was not being returned as promised. It started out with a pop up on the computer alleging improper/illegal materials on their home computer. They were deceived into calling the listed number on the pop up and then convinced to take $100,000.00 out of their local bank in Norfolk and then purchased that amount in gold coins and delivered it to the unknown scammers following strict directions not to tell anyone of this request especially family or law enforcement. They were deceived into believing the material on their computer was real and someone had placed it there and was also removing money from their bank account. With the belief they were doing the right thing to clear their computer and reputation and help catch the person responsible and get all their money back they gave the gold coins to unknown person(s) who most likely started the scam from outside of the United States. After several months they told their adult children and reported the loss (Theft) to the Sheriff’s office. Information is being gathered and additional assistance is being sought from the Nebraska Attorney General’s office and FBI. No one should ever give or release any funds or anything of value to unknown persons based on internet claims or threats of jail if they don’t cooperate. No law enforcement agency or law abiding business is going to threaten you with jail or violence if you don’t give them money. Sheriff Unger, states “If anyone ever tells you not to tell family or especially the police about your actions involving computer request, you know it is not a legitimate request and is most likely illegal activity and a “SCAM”. This educated retired couple was scared and in fear of going to jail if they did not go along as directed and now they struggle with the fact that their life savings is gone, most likely forever. “Don’t become the next victim, call your local police or ask for help.”