Omaha Man Cited for Driving During Suspension Coming To and Going From Court Appearances On the Same Day

Some people just don’t learn or take a hint to not drive when they don’t have a valid license. Erick Ugalde-Gamboa, 31, Omaha, has such a history and has numerous DUS convictions to show for it. It all began recently when Ugalde-Gamboa appeared for a DUS charge following his arrest earlier by the Sheriff’s office in Stanton County Court after he had failed to show several times and had been arrested on outstanding warrants and posted cash bonds each time. He forfeited several thousand dollars in bond after continuing to fail to appear in court, before finally appearing as ordered. During his recent court appearance Ugalde-Gamboa was found to have another active Stanton County arrest warrant for DUS and was taken into custody. He was then jailed until he posted the required $1500.00 cash bond and was released with a new court date. A daily review of courthouse security footage showed Ugalde-Gamboa driving to the courthouse illegally in the morning and later that same evening after his release from jail, the video footage showed him driving away as well. Ugalde-Gamboa was issued two new citations for DUS by the Sheriff’s office via mail with another new court date to appear. Ugalde-Gamboa has eight prior convictions for DUS and several convictions for No Operators License. “To say the system is not broken is an understatement” said, Sheriff Mike Unger!

Erick Ugalde-Gamboa