Court Filings Speak for Themselves and it Shows the Sheriff’s Office is Staying Active

The Stanton County Sheriff’s office continues to show that it is one of the most pro-active law enforcement agencies in the state with numbers released from the first 6 1/2 months of 2023 in the 7th Judicial District which includes Antelope, Cuming, Knox, Madison, Pierce, Stanton and Wayne counties. The Sheriff’s office in Stanton County had more traffic citations filed than any other county in the district and had the second most criminal case filings, trailing only behind Madison County which includes the largest city in Northeast Nebraska (Norfolk) and also has six times the population of Stanton County. Stanton County Court showed filings of 941 traffic offenses and 238 criminal offenses thru July 14th.

Of the 7 counties in the 7th Judicial District, Stanton County is the smallest county in population and is the only county with county wide law enforcement only provided by the Sheriff’s office (No Police Departments). Based on a per capita (population) formula, it shows the Sheriff’s office is at or near the top in arrest and citations issued in the entire State of Nebraska’s 93 counties. Over the past five years the Sheriff’s office has averaged more than 2000 citations and arrest each year. In the past week alone the Sheriff’s office has issued multiple citations for speed violations of more than 25 mph over the posted speed limit, including several just this weekend for speeds of over 100 mph on our highways. Including citations for 112/70, 102/65, 110/65 and 113/70. The members of the Sheriff’s office take great pride in doing our job and being vigilant in an effort to prevent unnecessary accidents and criminal activity before it happens by being visible and pro-active.