Sheriff Unger Spends Time Educating Sixth Graders on Ill-Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Over the past several weeks, Sheriff Unger spent time with the Stanton Middle School Sixth Grade classes educating them about the negative effects of the underage use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana and other illicit drugs. Sheriff Unger brought a wealth of knowledge to the classroom and shared information and verified truthful facts about the substances that are often glamorized in the movies and by other media outlets. Sheriff Unger reminded each student that it will ultimately be their choice as to whether they try or use these substances that are illegal to minors or are always illegal to everyone in Nebraska. Sheriff Unger who taught the D.A.R.E. program for more than 15 years previously in the Stanton County schools, still felt it was important to share these facts with students even over a brief period of interaction. “The goal is simple and that is to prevent illegal drug use and if we help even one kid stay drug free it is a success.”