Hastings man Sentenced to Prison in District Court-Others Sentenced and Plead Guilty

On Monday in Stanton County District Court a 31 year old Hastings man was sentenced to more than two years in prison on a conviction of Possession of Controlled Substance (Psilocybin Mushrooms) and Driving During Suspension. Christopher Mueller was arrested earlier this year by the Stanton County Sheriff’s office on Hwy 275. A DWI charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Also sentenced to one year in jail was Mark Pflueger, 62, of Stanton. Pflueger was convicted of third offense DWI and was arrested earlier this year in Stanton by the Sheriff’s office as he left a Stanton retail business. Pflueger had eight prior DWI convictions prior to this conviction and also had his drivers license revoked for 15 years and received a $1000.00 fine. Also sentenced to six months in jail for Attempted Possession of Methamphetamine was Jeremy DeWitt, 41, of Norfolk. DeWitt was arrested by the Sheriff’s office back in June at a Stanton residence. Also entering guilty pleas were Seth Gatewood, 29, of Oakland to two felony counts of Theft. Gatewood was arrested back in June by the Sheriff’s office following an investigation and service of a search warrant at a Stanton residence where five other individuals were arrested on drug charges. Gatewood will be sentenced in December and remains in custody. Adam Reese, 35, Stanton entered No Contest pleas to two Counts of felony Child Abuse and one count of Third Degree Sexual Assault. Reese was originally charged after an investigation by the Stanton County Sheriff’s office into sexual assault allegations from more than a decade ago in Stanton involving minor victims. Reese was charged by the Nebraska Attorney General’s office and these convictions were part of a plea agreement. He will be sentenced in January 2023. Also pleading guilty was Jeffrey Osulfka Jr., 38, of Wayne to charges of Third Offense DWI, Possession of Methamphetamine and Resisting Arrest. Olsufka was arrested back in March by the Sheriff’s office on a county road northeast of Leigh after he was found in a vehicle performing lewd acts on himself and during the arrest he refused to cooperate and physically resisted arrest and further attempted to drive off when a firearm was discharged by law enforcement disabling a tire on his vehicle. He faces up to four years in prison when he is sentenced in December. Dylan Bolte, 29, of Stanton also entered a guilty plea to Attempted Possession of Methamphetamine and faces up to a year in jail when he is sentenced later this year. Bolte was arrested with DeWitt and three others following the execution of a search warrant by the Sheriff’s office at a Stanton residence where methamphetamine, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia was discovered.