Sheriff’s Office Assist in Terminating a Vehicle Pursuit

Just before 11:00 a.m. this morning the Stanton County Sheriff’s office was notified of a vehicle pursuit that was entering Stanton County on East Benjamin Avenue from Norfolk and assistance was requested by the Madison County Sheriff’s office. The pursuit re-entered Norfolk and within minutes the pursuit was northbound on First Street from Norfolk Avenue. Sheriff Mike Unger was positioned at First and Benjamin blocking oncoming cross traffic to prevent an accident when the suspect vehicle suddenly stopped in the intersection and Sheriff Unger then boxed the vehicle with a Madison Sheriff’s unit directly behind the suspect vehicle. At that time, the suspect vehicle intentionally drove head-on into Sheriff Unger and then reversed into the Madison County unit and then accelerated forward spinning his tires trying to move the Stanton County patrol pickup in an attempt to again flee. The suspect was then subued after being tasered twice and removed from the vehicle and secured on the ground until he was transported to FRHS by Norfolk Rescue for medical clearance. The Norfolk Police Division was also on scene at the time of the intentional ramming in an attempt to deploy deflation spikes. No other injuries were noted and both patrol units suffered only minor damage. This was local law enforcement agencies using their abilitities and cooperating to prevent a potentially tragic outcome of innocent people getting hurt or killed by a person suffering a mental health crisis.