Sheriff’s Office Arrests and Citations were up 20% in 2021 over 2020 stats

In 2020 the Stanton County Sheriff’s office arrests and citations issued were up over 127% over the prior five years and in 2021 arrests and citations by the Sheriff’s office are up again 20%. Most of the increase is in traffic citations issued, however criminal arrests are up as well. Stanton County has the second most criminal cases filed in both the County and District Courts in the 7th Judicial District that encompasses seven counties in Northeast Nebraska. Only the much larger populated Madison County has more filings in both courts. The Sheriff’s office strives to be pro-active in their approach to traffic enforcement and criminal violations, especially public safety and drug offenses.

2015 Arrest and Citations: 1066

2020 Arrest and Citations: 2037

2021 Arrest and Citations: 2465