Fugitive Now In Custody on Felony Warrant

You can run and hide, but sooner or later you have to answer for your actions.  A former Norfolk man is now in custody after fleeing Stanton County authorities back in August following a vehicle pursuit and fleeing from the moving car.  Shawnessy Sulley Jr., 21, was arrested late Tuesday afternoon in Omaha by the Omaha Police Department on a felony arrest warrant issued in Stanton County.  The Sheriff’s office had been communicating with the Omaha P.D. gang unit in recent days about possible locations Sulley may be located in their city.  Sulley now faces four felony charges including Assault on an Officer, Possession of Controlled Substance, Tampering with Evidence and Operating a Motor Vehicle to Avoid Arrest.  He further faces a charge of Willful Reckless Driving from the incident that started on August 17th during a traffic stop on Hwy 275 East of Norfolk.  He fled in the vehicle at high speeds nearly striking a Deputy Sheriff and then drove off the roadway after his vehicle became disabled and jumped out the passenger window of the moving car and was able to evade capture at that time by fleeing into a heavily wooded area that was searched for several hours by multiple law enforcement partners.  Sulley is now scheduled to appear in Stanton County Court later this month and is being held on a $250,000.00 bond.

Shawn Sulley Jr.