Prison Sentenced Handed Out in District Court

On Monday in Stanton County District Court a 31 year old Columbus man was sentenced to two separate prison terms following his conviction of third offense DWI-Refusal and Possession of Methamphetamine.  Caleb Bloomberg was sentenced to 2 years in prison for the drug violation and three years for the DWI and also given a $1000.00 fine and had his driver’s license revoked for 15 years.  He was arrested last year on Main Street in Stanton by the Stanton County Sheriff’s office.  A female co-defendant pled earlier to a marijuana possession charge.  Also entering a guilty plea to a third offense DWI was Ethan Johnson, 31, of Norfolk.  He was arrested last August by the Sheriff’s office north of Stanton and will be sentenced in August.  Also pleading guilty to a drug violation was Joshua Deiterman, 32, of Stanton.  He entered a guilty plea to an attempted Drug Tax Stamp violation.  He was arrested last fall after the service of a search warrant at his Stanton residence, where marijuana plants were found growing in his basement.  A co-defendant is currently serving time in the county jail as a result of his arrest during that search warrant.  Also felony warrants were issued for Joshua Knight, 31,  of Columbus and Courtney Greening, 27, of Council Bluffs, IA after they both failed to appear on separate drug cases last year following their arrest by the Sheriff’s office.

Caleb BloombergSent to Prison