More criminal charges after Monday Drug Arrest in Stanton-false name given

One Stanton man is out of trouble and another Stanton man is in more trouble after he provided a false name and personal information following his arrest on Monday in downtown Stanton on a felony drug charge (Possession of Methamphetamine).  Joshua Knight, 29, of rural Stanton remains in custody and faces additional charges after it was discovered that he and a Tatyana Wheatley, 28, of Stanton gave the Sheriff’s office a false identity on Knight claiming he was Clifford Wheatley, the brother of Tatyana.  It was discovered on Tuesday morning that Knight was using the alias in an effort to conceal his true identity.  Knight admitted to using the false name and was found to have two active felony warrants out of Buffalo County and a probation warrant out of Platte County.  Knight now faces an additional felony charge in Stanton County of Criminal Impersonation and is being held on a $50,000.00 bond. Tatyana Wheatley was also arrested on Tuesday afternoon for Aiding and Abetting Criminal Impersonation and Obstructing a Police Officer.  She also was detained on a Douglas County Arrest Warrant for Theft by Shoplifting.  She was released on a bond after being booked at the Sheriff’s office.  She was cited on Monday for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Joshua Knight
Tatyana Wheatley