Duck Hunter needs assistance getting out of mucky water

On Friday afternoon, just after 12:30 p.m. the Stanton County Sheriff’s office was dispatched to a call of a duck hunter in distress/trapped in water and mud at the Wood Duck recreation area southwest of Stanton.  The Sheriff’s office requested the Norfolk Fire water rescue team also be enroute to the scene along with Stanton Fire.  The first arriving Sheriff’s unit found the hunter in the extreme west portion of the rec area in water up to his waist about 80 yards off the shoreline.   The 23 year old male was found to be stuck in the muck and otherwise uninjured and had been able to call for help with his cell phone.  A rescue boat was launched by Norfolk Fire and after about fifteen minutes was able to make contact with the hunter in the water and secure him in the boat.  He was returned to the shore and declined medical treatment. This is the third duck hunter that has become stuck in the muddy ponds of the rec area in the past fifteen years and needed rescue assistance to get out of the water.  

Water Rescue Taking place at Wood Duck Rec Area