Jail terms handed out in Stanton County Court

On Tuesday in Stanton County Court, jail sentences were handed out to Brent Hanson, 26, Norfolk. Hanson was sentenced to 60 days in jail following his conviction for Driving During Suspension. He was arrested earlier this year by the Sheriff’s office on Hwy 275. Also sentenced to a jail was Isaak Wiese, 18, of Clarkson on a Procuring Alcohol charge. He was arrested back in June by Sheriff’s office hosting a large beer party in a field North of Clarkson. Wiese was sentenced to one year of probation, seven days in jail immediately and 60 days to be served prior to the end of his probation, unless waived. He was also given a $500.00 fine. The person arrested by the Sheriff’s office for purchasing the kegs of beer, Luis Mayorga, 21, of Columbus has pled guilty to a Procuring Alochol charge and will be sentenced in September.