Stanton Area being targeted by Social Security Scams

In the past two days, several Stanton residents have been contacted by bogus person(s) claiming to be with the Social Security Administration and advising they had arrest warrants out for their arrest and they needed to give up personal information to take care of their warrants. At least two of those contacted did give their personal information, including social security numbers to the scammers. No one should ever give personal information out over the phone and legitimate organizations do not use phone calls or social media to contact you demanding personal information, money or threatening your arrest for failure to do so. Most of these scam calls originate from out of the area or even out of the country. Current technology allows them to clone (spoof) phone numbers and this helps make them look real and legitimate. The Sheriff’s office ask that at no time, ever provide any personal or financial information over the phone and contact the entity in question directly to verify any problems, they may have with you or your accounts.