Why One Does This Job-This Is Why!!!

I often get asked why do you continue to do such a thankless job, especially in the current state of our divided country. I hear more often, “I would never want your job as Sheriff” or “I could never do your job”. I have been in law enforcement my entire adult life and I’ve seen the best and worst in people in our society. Unfortunately, lately by those of us that put a uniform and badge on everyday it has been more of the negative than positive. Remember we are also human and we can only do so much with the cards we are dealt. We don’t write the laws and we certainly don’t make the decisions in the courtroom. We do show up day and night in every type of weather that Mother Nature can throw at us, when no one else is coming. We are willing to give our lives if necessary to protect each and every one of you. That even includes those that bash us behind our backs or in social media post that are rarely accurate. But my answer is pretty simple, I do this for my family so that they may have a better and safer future. I do it for my wife and kids and especially our nine grandchildren, who love me no matter what the ignorant or those that break the law think or say. My deputies and I do it every day, not for the great pay, long hours or paperwork that never seems to end. We do it to make a difference and to help every person no matter who they are, no matter their skin color nor what personal beliefs they may have. We do it for you, because we chose to!!! (GOD BLESS THE USA)

Sheriff Unger and His Wife Kris with their Grandkids