Several Sentenced to jail terms in County Court

On Tuesday in Stanton County Court a 40 year old Creighton woman was sentenced to one year in prison following her conviction for Attempted Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine).  Rowena Moreland was arrested back in May of 2019 by the Stanton County Sheriff’s office following a traffic stop near Stanton.  Sentenced 90 days in prison was William Fernau, 50, of Stanton on a conviction for Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated-2nd offense.  Fernau was arrested last fall in downtown Stanton by the Sheriff’s office.  He was also given a $1000.00 fine and had his driver’s license revoked for five years.  Fernau is currently serving a prison sentence in Lincoln for an earlier drug conviction from Stanton County.  Also sentenced to ninety days each in jail on two separate charges of Third Degree Assault and Attempted Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine) was Hector Medina, 30, of Stanton.  Medina was arrested on separate occasions last fall in Stanton by the Sheriff’s office.  Sentenced to 30 days each on charges of Driving While Intoxicated-2nd offense and carrying a Concealed Weapon (Handgun) was Rondy Strickland, 35, of Texas.  He was arrested on Hwy 24, East of Norfolk last year.  In a separate Preliminary Hearing. Adam Reese, 36, of Stanton was bound over to District Court by County Judge Michael Long on felony charges of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child that are alleged to have occurred years ago at a Stanton residence.  Reese was arrested following a lengthy investigation by the Stanton County Sheriff’s office and Nebraska Attorney General’s office who is handling the prosecution due to a conflict of interest.  Reese remains free on cash bond awaiting his arraignment in District Court in August.