There is Still Some Support for the Thin Blue Line

In these trying times it is hard for those of us in Law Enforcement to keep a positive attitude and even put on the uniform to go and protect the public we proudly serve. Some of us don’t even have support from our own families and yet we choose to do a job that is thankless, dangerous and sometimes horrifying to deal with. Yet we find we still have some support, as we found out when an unknown person(s) left a token of appreciation at our back door last evening. An act of kindness and support that shows that not everyone hates us or calls us derogatory names or wishes to have no police to protect them. Thank you for the hand painted rocks with the Thin Blue Line and to everyone else out there that does still want to see us do our job. Every person should know that every member of us in this office is willing and ready to lay down our life, run towards the danger and continue to sacrifice our time with our loved ones to protect and serve everyone, no matter your color, sex, religion, beliefs or hatred of us!

Thank You Thin Blue Line Rocks Placed At Our Office Back Door