Stanton County Courthouse to have restricted access starting 3-25-20

PRESS RELEASE – Effective March 24, 2020

Stanton County has made decisions regarding the safety, services, and organization within Stanton County buildings.  Federal and State guidelines will be followed for controlling the COVID-19 virus.  Guidelines may change rapidly so we will do our best to communicate changes to the media as decisions are made. 

Our goal is to serve our customers safely and efficiently.  Staff will report to offices at usual hours and maintain county business.  However, for the safety of the staff and the public, the following changes were implemented Tuesday, March 24, 2020: 

  1. The Stanton County Board has suspended public access to the courthouse and county buildings except by limited appointment only for at least 2 weeks.  The outside doors of the courthouse and county buildings will be locked March 24, 2020 at 4:30 PM (close of business) until further notice.  Stanton County Board will revisit restrictions at a Special Meeting April 7, 2020 at 9:00 AM.
  2. All customers will be required to call ahead and make an appointment with the specific office where they must conduct business.
  3. There will only be written driver’s exams by appointment.  The examiners are in Stanton every other Wednesday.  Please check our website for dates.  There will be no actual driving testing until further notice.  Call 402-439-2605 on days they are in our Courthouse to make appointment or contact the Stanton County Treasurer at 402-439-2223 for information on how to make an appointment for the written driver’s exam.  Also, renewal of driver’s licenses can be done online.
  4. The County is strongly recommending the use of online services whenever possible.  Refer to the Stanton County website for available online services:
  5. Customers may place their documents, payments, etc. in the ballot box located in the south parking lot of the Courthouse.  Also, the County strongly recommends the use of mail, email, telephone or fax to conduct business.  Online information:
    1. Stanton County website –
    1. Motor Vehicle and Drivers’ License renewals:
    1. Real Estate and Personal Property Tax payment:
  6. County Court and District Court will continue as scheduled at this time.  Please call prior to your scheduled court time to verify if changes have been made since adjustments may occur rapidly.  Both Court Offices will limit entry into the Courtroom to only individuals who must appear.
  7. Contact Information:
    1. County Assessor:  402-439-2210,
    1. County Attorney:  402-439-5200,
    1. County Clerk:  402-439-2222,
    1. County Commissioner Office:  402-439-2215
  8. Doug Huttmann:  402-750-4892
  9. Dennis Kment:  402-439-2313
  10. Duane Rehak:  402-841-1760
    1. County Court:  402-439-2221,
    1. County Sheriff:  402-439-2212,
    1. County Treasurer:  402-439-2223,
    1. District Court:  402-439-2222,
    1. Driver’s Examiner:  402-439-2605 or 402-439-2223
    1. Emergency Manager:  402-649-0195
    1. Extension Office:  402-439-2231,
    1. Planning & Zoning:  402-439-2224,
    1. Register of Deeds:  402-439-2222,
    1. Veterans Service Office:  402-439-2196,
    1. Weed Superintendent:  402-992-1385,