On Sunday morning just before 2:30 a.m. the Stanton County Sheriff’s office observed a SUV speeding on Hwy 35 just North of Woodland Park at 81 mph in the 60 mph zone.  The SUV then fled at high speeds of over 105 mph, North on Hwy 35 into Wayne County and was pursued into Hoskins where the SUV turned off its lights and continued to flee before being stopped after several more blocks on a residential street.  The driver Damon Batenhorst, 19, of Norfolk was arrested on charges of Speeding 105/65, Reckless Driving, Operating a Motor Vehicle to Avoid Arrest and Minor in Possession/Consumption of Alcohol.  Two teenage passengers in his vehicle were also cited for MIP.  Batenhorst was jailed in the county jail pending the posting of a cash bond.

Damon Batenhorst